From the merger of the two largest networks of distributors of electrical materials in the country, on January 1, 2019, Fegime Latam was born: Grupo Redelec Argentina and Unelec make up the most powerful electric giant in the region.

Fegime Latam is the result of a close relationship, built over many years, with Fegime Europe, the most important European network in the electrical industry, with which we share strong values and countless practices: the DNA of both networks is the independent family business, the high quality standards and the constant demand for the excellence of its members and its suppliers, considered strategic allies.

During the first years of the Network, different trips were made to Spain to know how Fegime Europe worked and it was observed that there were innumerable points in common between both networks. The benchmarking generated and the shared practices achieved a fluid exchange with this European partner.

After this first approach, starting in 2016, two topics were worked on: on the one hand, uniting the two largest networks in the country - Grupo Redelec Argentina and Unelec - and, on the other, internationalizing. The goal of uniting both Argentine networks was to achieve a greater critical mass, greater market share, a greater capacity to carry out challenging projects and a greater capacity for dialogue with local and international suppliers. And, on the other hand, internationalization would allow the Network to transcend borders, compare with colleagues from all over the world, enter to play in the first global leagues, participate in international programs and, also, establish a strong link at the headquarters level of the main suppliers.

Fegime Latam becomes, thus, a true electric colossus of the region, achieving a participation in the industrial market of more than 50%, product of the merger of the two most significant networks in the country, leveraged by the force that Fegime Europe print this alliance.

The mission of Fegime Latam is to be a generator of differentiating tools for our members, a real power plant that focuses on constant and professional growth: permanent training, sustained work on the succession of member companies through the new generations, implementation of innovative IT tools for efficient decision making, development of a renewable energy department and an internal document, called Perfil del Integrante, based on cooperation and collaboration in a highly competitive environment, which defines the bases and the frame of contention of the partners, whose spirit is to professionalize and make demanding the variables and indexes that each member of the Network must meet.

Without a doubt, competing and collaborating is not an easy task: for the creation of Fegime Latam a high degree of maturity was required both individually and as a group. The highly corporate attitude that we developed as a Network constituted a new path that installs us as a Leading and Pioneer Network, and for that we will continue working, evolving and struggling for the welfare of our partners and the electricity market in general.