Mission: We are a family business network that adds value to the electricity market, enhancing our strengths, pursuing high management standards, strengthening the role of the distributor in the value chain and innovating, to become the best option for our customers.

Vision: To be the leading network of distribution of materials and electrical solutions in Argentina, recognized for its solidity and corporate spirit, with a view to expanding its leadership to the entire Latin American market.

Values: We operate in a corporate manner, based on mutual respect, cooperation and confidentiality. We are committed to the growth and strengthening of the network and the companies that compose it and we work responsibly for it. We handle ourselves ethically, honestly and honestly, supported by mutual trust. We value our nature as a network of family businesses that seek to guarantee sustainability for future generations. We are driven by a common vision that seeks to transcend individualities for the good of the whole. We intend to innovate as a way to achieve our aspiration to be referent of the market and leaders.